About CJade

I'm Courtney-Jade Shelvey and, like you, I am an animal lover. I founded CJade Online Pet & Equine because I was frustrated at the difficulty in finding good, affordable products that were colourful and stylish for myself and my horse. I realised that if I couldn't find what I was looking for, then I needed to change that!

High Quality + Affordability + Exceptional Service = CJade Online 

What started out as a simple desire to find acceptable options for my horse has grown into a full spectrum store for horses, riders, dogs and cats. My store is constantly expanding to offer amazing new products for my customers (and suggestions are always welcome), but no product is added to my brand lightly. Every product in my line are thoroughly tested by myself and my animals to ensure the quality is top notch and functions well. Any product I consider must be well-made, stylish, colourful and something that I would be proud to wear and use. 

Matchy But Different

What sets CJade Online apart? Many brands offer "matchy" gear (who doesn't want their horse to stand out in a gorgeous matching saddle pad, polo wraps and bonnet!) but CJade Online is all about easily accessible products (we ship worldwide!), an incredible range of colour options and long-lasting, colourfast quality that holds up to the rigors of competition. 

Who is CJade?

I am a mother to a beautiful baby boy, a pet lover and horse enthusiast with two cats, two dogs and a very spoiled horse. I hold a diploma in Equine Science and have worked for many years in the equine industry both in Australia and internationally (including an incredible experience working at a dressage stable in Japan!). I love to compete and have been lucky enough to participate in showjumping and eventing throughout my competitive career.