About Us


My name is Courtney-Jade Shelvey and I am the Founder/Owner of CJade Online Pet & Equine.
The aim of CJade Online is to provide great colour options for horse and pet lovers alike. The store is constantly expanding with new products and I take suggestions for what people would like to see. Currently I stock a range of colours in Sports Boots, Riding Gloves, Polo Wraps, Jump Boots, Dog and Cat Toys and some extra bits and bobs. My moto is quality for an affordable price with top notch customer service.
The reason behind CJade Online Pet & Equine was my want to find matching horse apparel that was quality yet affordable. This came to be an ever-frustrating task and often disappointing in the products I received. So I decided to do something about it and develop my own brand to solve the problem. I want to offer different colour options of matching gear that is high quality but also will not break the bank. This also extends to the pet side of the enterprise.
I will put across that no product is added to my shop lightly. All products are tested thoroughly by my testing team (myself and the animals) and are constantly being improved. I pride myself on presenting quality, affordable products that are easily accessible in Australia for the every day animal enthusiast.
I hope that you enjoy the products as much as I have enjoyed developing them for my brand😊