CJade Online is very proud to be part of the horse community. One of the important ways that we show our support is with sponsorship. 

When sponsoring a local event near Ipswich, Queensland, I love the opportunity to attend with a trade stall.

If you are interested in having your club or event sponsored by CJade Online, please email courtney@cjadeonline.com. Be sure to include all relevant information such as dates, sponsor packages, contact information and location.

CJade Online proudly supports the following groups and events:

National Barrel Horse Association District 10 South Coast (NBHAD10)
Australia Barrel Horse Association Queen of Hearts Series

Caboolture Pony Club Open Sporting Day 2021

Scenic Rim Equestrian Club Showjumping and Dressage

CJade Rider Ambassadors

Olivia and Rus Allen - Barrel Racing and Rodeo


Rus and I live in the lower mid north of South Australia on our little farm. We have a menagerie of pets and 2 children aged 8 and 10. Rus works full-time off farm and I am a carer for our autistic son and our precocious daughter! We have both always been involved with horses, Russel comes from a rodeo family and would compete in roping when he was home from the Navy until his discharge after 18 years in 2009. I have always had horses for pleasure and had an affinity for quirky horses and spent many miles riding through the Adelaide hills. We married 11 years ago and our collection of horses has grown since. Rus's main horse is Rhani, a 10 year old Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred mare who came to us with a lot of trust issues and problems. Time and patience has brought out a phenomenal work horse who is just starting to travel and compete initially in barrels (one on one sport) and eventually roping. My main boy Sonny is an 8 year old Quarter Horse sired by Winning Deck out of a Jetmaster mare. He has been broken and trained by me. We started barrel racing 3 years ago and have been competing within SA ever since. We have taken things slow and steady as we are both learning and as he is my heart horse I want to get things right - and he is a stubborn mule at times. We also have 4 other horses from retired, in training to our yearling and kids pony. We look forward to watching our horses grow, develop and learn and that is more rewarding for us than winning. We are all about our horses. - Olivia Allen

Christine Douglas - Show Jumping

I have been riding horses for over 25 years  and couldn’t imagine where I would be without them in my life. My main discipline in Show Jumping. I have represented our zone numerous times in state championships, have competed in 2 Melbourne shows and represented Victoria at the top pony club level. I have competed at numerous Horse Riding Club Association of Victoria Show Jumping top teams events and my most successful was on Billy in Albury where we won our level, won the Off the Track Thoroughbred award in our level and our team won overall. Billy and I came away with 3 championship rugs!! I have a team of 3 horses: Billy, Daisy (who is currently pregnant to a Percheron stallion) and Tilly. Tilly was broken in at the end of April last year and is going to be super. Billy is slowly getting towards the end of his career being 19 this year. Daisy will come back into work next year and be my main show jumper. My favourite product is the sports boots - I highly recommend them! I never go riding without them. They are amazing in general and I love knowing my horse's legs are protected from nasty bumps when wearing them. - Christine Douglas

Keely Surman - Pony Club, Sporting, Showjumping and Barrel Racing

Hi my names Keely, I have 3 horses: 1-20 who is a little 17 year old Thoroughbred mare, Maverick a 5 year old Quarter Horse gelding, and Kitty who is the tiniest one of them all standing at around 95cm. I started riding in 2015 and got my second horse 1-20 in January of 2016. For the first couple of years 1-20 and I didn't do much. Once 2019 came around we did our first full season of National Barrel Horse Association and did a few pony club events. In 2020 I am hoping to qualify for Pony Club Queensland State Sporting on 1-20 and to bring Maverick up through multiple disciplines such as formal gymkhana and NBHA. There are so many amazing products CJade Online provides but if I have to pick I would have to say the fantastic gloves as they are super breathable and aren't restricting at all! I've also got to say the sport boots are amazing, such great quality for super affordable prices! I look forward to 2020 representing CJade Online and the amazing products on offer to promote a wonderful business! - Keely Surman

Sarah Grzesiak - Showjumping, Dressage and Horse Archery

Hello, my name is Sarah. I am so blessed to be able to own 2 lovely horses, alongside working in my dream job in real estate. 
Horses have been apart of my life ever since I first went to a horse riding lesson when I was 5.  I absolutely love the journey of training and understanding how to communicate to your horse, and ultimately working as a team.

I have two horses named Zac and Timmy. Zac, my 24 year old, spirited show jumper, was my very first horse I owned. He now is loving his life in retirement.  

Timmy,  aka Timmy Time, is my 7 year old thoroughbred, who has an absolute heart of gold.  I challenged myself to train my very own off the track, and working and learning with this horse, has been the most amazing thing I've got to do!  I got him when he was 4 years old and as he's been growing up, he's been learning and training in a variety of disciplines. We train in dressage, show jumping,  xcountry and our new favourite one, horseback archery. He reminds me every day how awesome what we get to do as horse riders is.   Recognisable for his big blaze and love of cuddles, Timmy is just now making his debut into the competition world, and cannot wait to take this further!

So excited to be apart of Cjade Online and support this wonderful business; that truly knows what it is to be matchy-matchy, and support the pet and equine world.